In their travels the founders of The Bennington Center for the Arts (now known as Laumeister Art Center at Southern Vermont College with Vermont Covered Bridge Museum), Bruce Laumeister and Elizabeth Small came across the hand-crafted wind sculptures of Lyman Whitaker. Innovative and artistic, the two felt the sculptures would take advantage of the wind that often passes by the art center and offer a beautiful outdoor collection of art to the hill above the center to be enjoyed by visitors and passsersby as well. As the artwork immediately became popular with the center's visitors, they are now available for sale.


Each wind sculpture is made in Whitaker's studio in Southern Utah and is fabricated from copper, steel and stainless steel that provide beauty and strength. They range in height from 5 to 28 feet tall, and can be installed alone, in small groupings or in a grove. Lyman has been a practicing sculptor for over 40 years and the past 19 years he has primarily focused on creating wind sculptures with new sculptures always in development.

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A large selection from which to chose is on display around the grounds or different styles or sizes can be ordered and shipped directly to the buyer.


Each wind sculpture is secured against theft, and rests on a sealed ball bearing at the top of a vertical rod. They come with a steel ground mount receptacle for simple installation. Concrete bases are available for smaller pieces. Lyman's designs permit the sculpture to be responsive to the currents of the wind, allowing changing forms to emerge in a slight breeze, yet balance in high winds. Some are spirited and dynamic while others are slow and elegant, but they never move too fast.

A casual glance at the sculptures will reveal a new form not previously noticed or predict what the weather has in store for the day. The wind sculptures' undulating movements reflect the mood of the wind and generate joy, dancing to the rhythms of nature.