Permanent Collection

Wildlife art, and art of the natural world, comprises a large portion of the Laumeisters' collection. The collection includes artists such as Manfred Schatz, Carl Brenders, Bob Kuhn, Richard Schmid, Huihan Liu and Charles Frace to name just a few. 


Through the impressive exhibitions that have been held in Bennington over the years, the couple has become acquainted with many of the country’s best representational artists and have added their work to the collection. Due to the size of the collection only a portion is on view at any one time but the center does its best to rotate the work, so nothing is hidden away for too long.

20 years of Art of the animal Kingdom

Photo taken during our nineteenth year of Art of the Animal Kingdom

Photo taken during our nineteenth year of Art of the Animal Kingdom

The center has hosted several wildlife exhibitions here, but by far one of the most popular is our annual Art of the Animal Kingdom exhibition, a show that is unique to The Laumeister Art Center.

In 1995 we hosted our first Art of the Animal Kingdom exhibition, and talented artists, many of whom found us through the Society of Animal Artists, helped get the idea off the ground by submitting their work. Through the years we continued to reach out to new artists and were found by others who were interested in being a part of this celebrated show.

A Special Guest Artist, selected each year for their talent and unique style, gave each edition of the show an individual identity while maintaining its tradition of excellent work.

Catalogs on display in our lobby

Catalogs on display in our lobby

2015 marked Art of the Animal Kingdom's 20th anniversary. After years of fantastic work and the wonderful community that has grown around this show, we reached out to our past special guest artists and asked them to participate in this celebratory edition of the exhibition, which showcased not only our dedicated returning artists, but also new faces and talents. 

A selection of Art of the Animal Kingdom catalogs from years past are available for purchase in-house in our shop. The most recent catalog for 2015's Anniversary Exhibition can be purchased either in-house or directly from our website.

Art of the Animal Kingdom artists who had been past judges of the show got together and created a special gift for Shirley and Elizabeth as a thank you for supporting animal art through Art of the Animal Kingdom for the last 20 years.

The gift was a one-of-a-kind portfolio full of original art by past judges: Nancy Howe, Micheal Coleman, Sandy Scott, Carl Brenders, Jan Martin McGuire, Dan Smith, Bart Walter, Laney, John Seerey-Lester, Terry Isaac, Morten Solberg, Luke Frazier, Greg Beecham, and Carel Brest van Kempen. Rosetta created a special "20 years" bronze medallion, with a cougar lounging on top of the numbers, which was affixed to the front of the portfolio box.

Images of galleries by Jade Photography