In a town consumed with distractions from the state’s natural beauty lies a retreat from the every day, a place to lose yourself in culture and art, a place that you can observe some history and fine talent from a variety of artist, the Bennington Center for the Arts is a friendly place nestled in the shallow hills of old Bennington that welcomes everyone with bright smiles and open arms, if you feel the need to enjoy some fine art and a warm welcome this is the place to swing into, I’m sure there is something that everyone will love.
— Ian Wright
I enjoyed every painting and sculpture. You and your wife (Bruce Laumeister & Elizabeth Small) have created a sanctuary of beauty and depth.
— Courtney Freeman
...We were immediately immersed by the galleries which were well lit and the artwork that was beautifully displayed. The permanent exhibit of Native American art is exceptional as were the woodland paintings. Not to be missed!
— Laura M., Boston, MA
Wonderful gallery offerings were open when we visited. The various presentations of the artworks were absolutely “stellar”. This Center is a wonderful gem, and is well worth your time!! We thought it would be a nice hour of interest. HA...we were “captivated” for 3 hours. The highlight for us was a beautiful portrait of a young American Indian girl...who was a total likeness of our granddaughter! We were awed by the different artist’s and their works...
— Dave M, Worchester, MA
We really enjoyed looking at all of the art, and carvings a very beautiful collection. The covered bridge museum was informative and very well done the current display of small art was inspiring. I highly recommend a visit if you are in the area.
— Walter Peterson
We have been to this gallery twice, and will definitely go again. It has an absolutely amazing collection of wildlife art, as well as a world-class collection of art by and about Native Americans. Both collections have some of the best pieces we’ve seen anywhere, especially a gallery with wood carvings of birds that you will swear are real. It also has outside sculptures and a museum dedicated to covered bridges, which are everywhere in this part of New England. The gallery also hosts a couple of really good local artist juried shows that are always worth seeing. This is worth travelling to see, and is located in an area that is also drop-dead gorgeous.
— MarryAnn L., Swanzey, NH
A great place to stop for a few hours. Very active place with various art shows and competitions coming and going. Check their website to see what is there. Staff is great and will stop to talk to you about the art. It is one of our regular stops when we are in the area.
— JeepTravelers, New Milford CT
We just happen to visit while the National Oil Painters of America Exhibition was being shown. It was unreal. Their Center is huge, it’s laid out perfect. Elevators are available. They have a very nice permanent collect that matches their shows. We absolutely loved the place!
— W.J, Haneyville, PA