Thank you for helping us to choose our newest members of The Bennington Collective. Each artist has submitted five of their best images for your consideration. Please score their body of submitted work with a value between one and ten, one indicating poor quality, craftsmanship, or overall work, and ten indicating excellence. The scores each artist receives from you, our Founding and Master Members, will be averaged to either confirm or deny their entry into the collective. There will also be an opportunity to leave optional, anonymous feedback for the artist, regardless of acceptance. Please review their work by clicking on the thumbnails for an expanded view of the pieces in their entirety, leave feedback or advice if you would like, and submit your numeric score for each artist. A link to the next applicant will appear when each review is completed. On the first page, please include your full name but on each page thereafter, you need only put your initials. This field does need to be completed but initials are fine after the first page.

Thank you for your time and input,

Shirley Hutchins
Gallery Director                                                                


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