We are very pleased to invite you to participate in our first annual members' show. Between 50 and 65 pieces will be accepted and catalogs will be available. Of course the show will be online as well. The opening for the show will be the weekend of September 23rd and we plan to have lectures and a demo and good food and a lot of time for The Collective members to visit and enjoy each others' company in beautiful Vermont. We do hope your schedule will allow you to participate. Please reach out to me at Shirley@TheBennington.org with any questions you may have. 

Submission: All representational work completed in a fine art medium will be considered. There are no size restrictions but keep in mind artists pay for shipping. Submissions are due by July 9.

The show will be juried by the Signature Members of The Collective. The process will be as anonymous as possible, with each submission given a score between 1 and 5. We plan to accept up to 65 pieces, depending on the dimensions and media of the pieces, so those with the highest scores will be a part of the show. No artist will have more than 2 pieces accepted and no artist is guaranteed inclusion into the show. We do ask that you limit your submissions to no more than four pieces.

To submit work go to: www.thebennington.org/members-show-2017 and fill out the required forms, including the artist statement. Artist Members will then be required to pay the jury fee but Signature and Master Members can skip this step. Finally, please email the images as directed, sending high-res images suitable for use in the catalog. 300 dpi with the smallest dimension of at least 8 inches would be best.

Jury Fee: There is a jury fee only for Artist Members, but not for Signature Members, or Master Members. The fee is $35 for the first two works, $50 for three, and $60 for four. (If you have any questions as to whether this fee applies to you, please contact Shirley@TheBennington.org)

Shipping: All accepted artwork will need to arrive at the Center before September 15th.  The artist is required to pay for shipping both to and from The Bennington so please provide a label for return shipping when you ship the piece. All artwork will be insured from the time of its arrival until it is returned or sent to the buyer at the conclusion of the show. As in previous years, we need all two-dimensional work to be shipped in AirFloat containers. Should the artist choose not to use Airfloat containers a check for $35 to cover a handling fee will need to be included with the artwork.

Sales: The sales price of the artwork will be set by you. The Center will retain 40% of the price of two-dimensional work and 30% of the price of three-dimensional work. Please note that from the date the piece has been juried into the show and through the show's conclusion, any sale of that piece must be made through the Center, with the Center retaining commission. Artwork in this gallery must remain with the exhibition until its conclusion before it can be sent to the buyer.

Catalog: We will be creating a catalog for this show but we hope to be able to absorb the majority of the cost. The final price will vary depending on the number that we print but we will make these available to our artists and the public. We anticipate the cost being approximately $10 each or five for $40. Once the show has been selected we will have more information for you but please keep in  mind that we plan to use the image you provide so be sure to send files with the above specifications.

Submit Work

Below is a Submission Checklist. Complete all items in order for a successful submission.

  1. Fill Out Submission Forms
  2. Label, Upload, and Send All Images in an Email
  3. Pay the Submission Fee

The same checklist will appear after you click to pay the submission fee. If you have completed every
item on the list your submission should go through without any problems. There will also
be an option to express any concerns, opinions, or suggestions about the submission process.
Please let us know what we can do to make this process easier for you. For more instructions along the way, click on audio bars like the one below... 


Step 1 - Fill Out Forms

If you have more work to submit, fill out the appropriate forms below, then scroll down to upload your images.


Step 2 - Upload Photos

Click Labeling or Image Size for More Information

E-mail images to the following address: 



Step 3 - Pay the Submission Fee

Click the correct number of pieces to pay the submission fee. Please pay only after you have filled out all forms and uploaded all images.Again, this fee is not required for our Signature Members or Master Members.